The British Isles

Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland

1p.gif (49 bytes)The British Isles encompasses four culturally different countries under the official name, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The countries representing Great Britain are England, Scotland and Wales.
1p.gif (49 bytes) Like the diversity of its spectacular landscape, the ethnic background of its people is surprisingly more varied than almost any other nation of similar size on earth. Recorded in its facial diversity is its history of successive invasions by five major peoples - the Romans - the Celts and Saxons from the Alps and mainland Europe - the Vikings - and the Normans of Northern France. More recently, this diversity reflects immigration from both inside and outside the boundaries of its former British Empire.
1p.gif (49 bytes) Separated by the Irish Sea from Great Britain and occupying five-sixths of the island of Ireland is the country of Ireland. To many visitors it is perceived as the most fiercely independent country to occupy the British Isles, having separated from the United Kingdom in 1921 to form its own independent nation, leaving Northern Ireland as a member nation of the UK (United Kingdom).

Portrait of the British Isles
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