Letter from Ellensburg High School

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Ellensburg High School

1300 East Third Avenue
Ellensburg, Washington  98926

October 23, 1997

R. Padre Johnson
c/o Clymer Museum
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Dear Padre:

"Thank you" is not a large enough word to say how much I appreciate what you have done for the students and teachers of Ellensburg, High School. I am very glad that I was able to attend and listen to you at one of your assembly sessions because it reinforced some of the things that I believe about life and humanity and why I am in the field of education. Your presentation was one of the most stimulating, thought-provoking and meaningful experiences in my life!

In addition to enjoying your insights, it was very exciting to watch the reaction of the students and teachers. They were captivated by your words and your presence! In the early morning, as we set up for your presentations, I watched the students look at your oil and sketched portraits, and then talk to you as if you were their best friend. They wanted to hear more as you mingled with them so naturally.

Later, as I sat at the back of the theater listening to your presentation, I suddenly became aware of the fact that I had never seen our students and teachers so completely interested in an educational presentation and also ask so many insightful questions during the question and answer portion. I couldn't also help but notice through your entire presentation, that the student sitting, in front of me and off to the side, was one of our most disruptive students. And yet, there he sat, hanging on every word, leaning forward in his seat, careful not to miss a single sentence. In 55 minutes, his attention never left you! At lunch today I asked him what he thought of your presentation. He exclaimed " that Padre man was unbelievable! He really knows life is all about - he knows what he's talking about."

Padre, you are not only a very unusual person, but the most complete messenger of the good and insightful thought that I have met in my years of education. So once again, I say thanks! Yes, I'm so very thankful that you passed this way in our lives!


David M. Hall