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Read what is being said about the "Journeys" book:

"We have placed Journeys with the Global Family in the prestigious books section of the Knight Library at our University of Oregon. It justly deserves this special availability, international recognition, and place of honor ."

~ Dr. Gerald W. Fry, Director
International Studies Department,
University of Oregon

"As we move through the approaching years of rapid global change, I believe the the open humanness of Padre's written and painted work will not only have an enduring mark on the consciousness of each reader and viewer, but will also maintain a very unique historical significance."

~ Dr. Noel J. Brown, Former Director
United Nations Environment Programme,
New York

Journeys with the Global Human Family

        Table of Contents

Key Photo Memories from my Global Journey
A Portrait of the Global Human Family
A Portrait Journey through the world's 24 geographic areas
An insight into my art and creative process
The beginnings of my professional art career in oil, charcoal, and pencil sketches
Western paintings of my ranching experience in Wyoming & Montana
Paintings of North America and African wildlife
Paintings of scenic wonder
Sketches of three unique cultures
Sketches of the native American Indian
Sketches of the face of human suffering
The circle of life- interpretation of Jesus of Nazareth

Layout of each Geographical Region

Each geographical region in the Journeys book is presented in a two-page spread, which includes the portrait of the region, a description of the region and its peoples, and the location of the region on the globe. An example of a spread is shown below, followed by a list of all of the geographical regions portrayed in the Journeys book.

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Biography and

Geographical Regions portrayed in the Journeys book

The Continent of Africa
The Arab World & Israel
The Islamic Northern Tier
The Balkans of Eastern Europe
Europe- North Mediterranean
West - Central Europe
The British Isles
Fifteen Republics of Former USSR
China, Tibet, Mongolia, Korea
South Asia - Subcontinent

Southeast Asia
Indonesian Archipelago & The Philippines
New Guinea
New Zealand
Islands of the Pacific
Continent of South America
Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean
The United States of America