The Global Human Family
1p.gif (49 bytes)This centerpiece painting provides the view of our incredible earth from outer space - surrounded by the open faces of 25 people of all ages. If you can imagine reducing the worlds population through the faces of my 25 friends in this global portrait, you would have some insight into the approximate color shape of the world as we step into the 21st Century.
1p.gif (49 bytes)In place of our present racial separation, I prefer to view, understand, and respect the people of our planet's population as one global human family with millions upon millions of ovelapping color combinations, face and anatomical body structures, and an amazing diversity of ethnic and multicultural blends.
Portrait of the Global Human Family
original oil

1p.gif (49 bytes)As a portrait artist with an easy and curious attraction to the people of our planet's human drama, I have chosen to reflect in this painting, the trust and acceptance of the "open child" in the faces that I both appreciated and enjoyed. Each portrait also celebrates an important visual statement about the interesting facial differences in each individual, the culture and ethnicity each represents and the colorful common images in our planets human relations mosaic.
1p.gif (49 bytes)
The above painting is followed in the succeeding web pages with selected examples from both my Faces of the World exhibition and book, with its original art photo reproductions of over 500 representative portraits of our human diversity and similarities in my 24 geographical regions of the world.
1p.gif (49 bytes)With the exception of the above centerpiece painting, in all of the 24 regional portrait paintings in my book (of which 5 examples are shown below), the placing of each separate portrait closely relates to the location each person lives in the corresponding regional map of our planets fascinating geography. For example, the portrait images at the top of each painting live in the north, at the bottom in the south, etc. of each region.

The Continent of Africa

The British Isles

South Asia - Subcontinent

Islands of the Pacific


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Copyright 1999, R. Padre Johnson