Additional Examples of Padre's National and
International Award Winning Art.

Voyageur Art, one of America's leading distributors of fine art say "Padre is one of American's most talented, creative and exciting artisis in the fields of western, wildlife and portrait art."

GRACE AND POWER by R. Padre Johnson


The title of this new painting barely describes the feeling Padre has experienced in his three encounters
with the fascinating skill and regal grace of the illusive North American cougar.



This oil captures an actual moment during a break in the fall roundup on the Trail Creek Ranch new Cody, Wyoming. The artist and his friend Charlie Blackstone, ann older high country working cowman, have just gathered their appointed terrirories - moved their cattle in the basin below and agreed to meet on the ridge while they waited for the arrival of a larger movement from the southeast.

During the extended period of waiting the arist caught Charlie and his horse drifing away into this mood of dreamy contemplation. Before Charlie was aware he was on candid camera the Padre had snapped two exeptional photo's he used in this oil.