Letter from University of Oregon

                        UNIVERSITY OF OREGON

Dr. R. Padre Johnson June 1, 1998
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Dear Padre,

On behalf of the many students, faculty, administrators and staff at the University of Oregon and the community leaders and townspeople who attended your public art exhibit and lecture in the Erb Memorial Student Union, we send you our sincere appreciation.

Our university community certainly has been enhanced by your presence this past week. We shall never forget your adaptability--to focus on global subjects with faculty and graduate students one moment--and then to enthrall both us and the twenty third-graders from Molalla Elementary School who drove from the Portland area to experience your art and listen to your presentation. One of the students expressed to me--"He's magic!" He went on to say that he felt your art was also very special to him. You've touched us all.

We were very happy that you found time to be with us at our reception for newly accepted International Studies majors. Your presence enriched that occasion, and the students were deeply inspired by your many cultural journeys and the way you link so passionately culture, art, and life.

Here are just a few of the comments from students in your two weekend workshops:

"...Padre was awesome!!..."
"...Where did you find this person? He was so knowledgeable. I felt his inner soul..."

One community leader wrote to me saying: "...Padre Johnson's thought provoking insights linked us together in a common spirit of brotherhood..."

There are many other comments, but those mentioned above represent the spectrum of thoughts and admiration that local people have for your as well as their appreciation for your coming and sharing with us.

Your exceptional life and special spirit are best expressed in your positive affirmation of the worth of all, and in your belief that all within the Global Human Family deserve understanding and respect. Your gentle, and not so gentle reminders--visually, musically, and in parable or story form, with humor and great candor--all are etched in our minds. Thank you!

The standing ovation at the weekend seminar really says it all. I hope you have a broad smile on your face as you recall the expressions of appreciation that were fleeting--but heartfelt! This note emanates from the same level of gratitude, but is sent in written form for you to read and cherish when the spirit moves you. We wish you all the best in your continued journey through and with the Global Human Family.


Dr. Gerald W. Fry
International Studies Program
Dr. Larry L. Neal
Recreation and Tourism Management