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Journeys with the Global Family

In my book, Journeys with the Global Family, you embark on a fascinating written narrative and visual art adventure with the people of almost every nation on our planet earth. The book also features with a descriptive narrative, my international award-winning Western, wildlife, scenic, and other portrait renditions, including my written and sketched insights into the Face of Human Suffering and Survival & the Face of War from my field medical rescue experiences in Vietnam, where I was twice wounded.
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The Global
Human Family
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Human `Suffering
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My sincere hope for this historic presentation, is that the readers and viewers of this visual global journey will seek, and continue to cultivate, new experiences and levels of open-spirited understanding, appreciation, and respect toward every color, creed, ethnic and cultural heritage that has contributed so many interesting and positive colors of value to the meaningful balance in our common humanity. Within this context of openness, I seek to celebrate and stimulate a fresh appreciation for the features
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that make each important individual fingerprint interestingly different, and also a deeper awareness for the limitless threads of similarity that draw all citizens of this planet closer together as one interdependent Global Human Family.
My written and visual art journey also reveals my personal observations, concerns, and positive insights concerning the freedom of the human spirit, the physical care of people, and the high priority I give to balanced environmental concerns and World Peace as a state of being.

Since the Premier Opening celebration of my book and Faces of the World exhibition at the United Nations, New York (the first one-person exhibition in the history of the UN), the purpose of my 15-year adventure continues to experience a unique and fulfilling calendar of intriguing discussion group question and answer workshops, slide presentation storytelling lectures, and keynote presentations at international conferences, churches of all denominational and religious markings, and colleges, universities and schools of all grade levels overseas and throughout North America. Either portions, or my entire global art collection exhibit, is featured at every presentation where I am invited to share my stories and global insights. Personalized copies of the book are also available at each presentation.

For information on workshops or lectures on the topic of my global adventure or for information concerning the purchase of Global Family Centerpiece posters & Limited Edition prints or original art.

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