Padre’s Worldview Quotes

Concluding Samples of Some of Padre’s Expressions of Appreciation and his Thought Provoking Worldview Insights Into the Meaning and Purpose of our Human Existence.”

The following introductory quote is dedicated to the treasured memory and the continuing life breathing happiness spirit presence of Padre’s parents, Ray and Lorena.

“I will always be eternally grateful for the happy, encouraging and respectful seeds that my exceptional parents planted, watered and helpfully cultivated in the process of nurturing my childhood and youth with their unusual positive forward looking gift of unconditional love.
They were always there to encourage and affirm my growth as a special human being. As far back as I can remember they encouraged me to exercise my drawing talent and to stretch my curious mind. They allowed me to risk, to make mistakes and to explore the higher ridges of human experience. For cultivating this sense of freedom to be my own person I remain your very thankful son again and for always!”

A Continuing Range of Padre’s Worldview quotes

“My life and global journey has certainly not been a lonely one. On the contrary, it was marked with unlimited adventure and opportunities to give, receive, explore the soul of each culture and character of every person with whom I played, laughed, danced, enjoyed their food and happily shared my freedom spirit lust for life person.”

“The deeper I journeyed into our world’s human forest, the more convinced I became that to effectively interpret the human family and make my work live and breath, I had to personally experience the people, their ways of being human, and their sense of community and family living. This was one authentic way that I could successfully translate the pulse of their culture and the many emotions that each person soul expressed.”

“When humor, especially the luxury of self humor (laughing at one’s self) flavors the human drama, something happens that literally frees one’s spirit to discover the goodness in others. It’s the oil that also opens the mind and allows us to accept and appreciate someone who even wears an entirely different racial, cultural, social, religious and family style mantle.”

“When our facial expressions and eyes naturally reflect the spirit of our open acceptance and a sense of awareness trust, which exists to various degrees in almost every person I’ve met, a very meaningful and exciting happening occurs in the arena of human diplomacy. The open child in each communicant is almost always released and prejudices in various degrees are dismantled.”

“The risk of openness provides the key for dismantling the restrictions that so often prevent the people and nations of our miniature life – breathing planet from realizing effective and workable solutions to our common problems.

“I often think in the silence of my private space, if more people could only assemble a few more reflective moments in the space of their journey to stop and appreciate the similarities and interesting differences in our busy world, perhaps a fresh new seed of understanding would begin to germinate. This could have the potential of shaping a whole new process of evaluating and understanding the intrinsic value of more of the human occupants of our planet, including one’s nearest neighbor of the same color and cultural heritage. Where there is an openness to listen and learn there is no need to enforce one’s views or control the response of another person.”

“From the position of my global perspective lens, no one person or group of people has even closely achieved a pure understanding of the centerpiece of universal truth. Therefore, it seems both logical, right and humane from my happily traveled world view form of understanding that no individual or group think gathering has the legitimate right to impose a religious or cultural way of believing and living on people of differing beliefs.”

“From the position of my life situation tested world view landscape, eating together more often than not provides time and the best forms of meaningful conversation. When you are invited to share a meal with people anywhere on the planet, you are also invited to often participate in the openness of their person/soul. In other words, when you eat together with friends or with the stranger from another territory or nation you almost always share open healthy laughter, situation humor and the enjoyment of storytelling. In all societies, both simple and complex, eating is a primary activity for initiating and maintaining human relationships. In addition, it also almost always provides an appreciation of a person from a similar or interestingly different race, culture religion or social structure.”

“The value of each similar and also interestingly different human being fingerprint deserves my best possible respect through the look in my eyes, the tone of my voice and the touch of my hand.”

“As the open – minded student of life continues to listen with and learn from the people and societies he/she is closely observing and enjoying, an appreciation and respect will hopefully develop for the intrinsic values and interesting differences in other cultures as well as a richer appreciation for his/her own cultural roots.”

“Since we are all citizens of this microdot universe, earth, and depend upon one another and the air, water and soil systems of our unique planet for our common well being and continued development, let us live in a way that preserves a reverence for life and provides an unconditional spirit of freedom, liberty, respect and goodwill toward all that we meet on our home ground and beyond.”